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What Others Say
Review submitted 1/21/2012 to Submitter Michael Hughes (see all reviews from this person)! Where Purchased ( Overall Comments: Like the movie Inception where there is a dream within a dream, this album is one great Dobro player paying homage to the songs of another. Ferrell Stowe plays 12 songs he heard Josh Graves play and the result is truly a dream within a dream. As great bluegrass musicians do, Ferrell shares the air with other great musicians for what comes off as a terrific instrumental jam. Here are the songs: Randy Lynn Rag Flatt Lonesome Cannon Ball Blues Cuttin' the Grass FIreball Mail Home Sweet Home Fireball What a Friend We Have in Jesus Shuckin' the Corn Goggy Mtn. Rock Evelina Maggie Blues/Maidens Prayer I bought mine directly from Ferrell and he even inscribed it for me. What a class act. Every Dobro player should get his and her own copy! Overall Rating 10 !

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>!!!!!!!!! Great Albums and finally some pickin I can relate too... Fascinated by Stobro's Blues. Where did that sound come from ??? Dolbro ???? "D" Tuning ??? Not to pry....but I love that sound...its what I been searching for and do Black Diamond strings make a better "Blues" sound than The D'Adarios I use. I know Black Diamond is a part of your sound. Guess I'll just have to get a few sets and try them out.... Thanks Again, Charlie Comstock Winter Park, Florida.

CD JOSH COMMENTS There are very few projects that come along during the course of a year that really get "your heart racing". This is one of those projects. I have been a big fan of "Uncle Josh" & his old hound dog since the 50's. I can't tell you how many Flatt & Scruggs records I have purchases over the years waiting expectantly for Josh's breaks on these records. I can probably run each & every break in my head. With that being said, this tribute to "Uncle Josh" by Ferrell Stowe is a MASTERPIECE!! Its the best of most of his famous songs with the Foggy Mountain Boys tucked into a disk that will play many times while retaining its great sound. This project runs 41 minutes & I'm telling you its way too short for a project of this caliber. I've played it at least 10x both in my home, in my car, & it just wasn't enough to quench my thirst. Kudos to Johnny Warren, Charlie Cushman, & the rest of the band for helping to recreate that great traditional bluegrass sound from the past. Be prepared for the "real deal". My vote goes to JOSH as the "Recorded Event of the Year"! I'm sure Uncle Josh gives this project a 2 thumbs up as well!! I know my request lines will be ringing off the wall. Thank you for sharing this fine project with us. Cordially, Al Shusterman KCBL Radio Backroads Bluegrass Al Shusterman 5717 Reinhold St. Fair Oaks, CA 95628 .

TRNAVA REVIEW: You really cranked the "bar higher" on Trnava. This project contained some wonderful original songs, plus a touch of bluegrass, & a sprinkle of country. All together it worked out perfectly. I could almost visualize the towns & country's as the songs played. Kudos again to Tomi O! I had a lump in my throat while she sang "Death From Nashville Causes." You really had me moving my selector back and forth with Don't This Road Look Rough & forth with Rocky, Pathway of Teardrops & Banks of the Ohio. I'm going to break that player one of these days!! I was somewhat concerned about the instruments on "Return to Trnava" but it turned out beautifully. I'm an old Mayberry fan from the beginning, so I could see Barney getting his badge from Andy. It was classic My cd player is starting to smoke!! I guess I played Trvava too much. On a scale of 1 to 10 this is a 12!! Its like a fine wine, it keeps getting better the more you play it. Al Shusterman KCBL Radio Backroads Bluegrass I have been a keen devotee of your glorious dobro guitar playing and style for a Goode few years now and thus really delighted to receive your note; glad you spotted the play list or by some means or other heard about it! I've been hosting two shows per week on for five years now from Bendigo, Victoria, Australia, and loving every moment of it. I visited bluegrass America in 2007 courtesy of an International Outreach grant from the I.B.M.A. and if ever I return there, as indeed I well may, just look out for an Aussie bloke accompanied by black Labrador seeing-eye dog and chances very likely that it'll be me! Keep up the wonderful work and thank you for being able to give so many people so much joy with your plaing. Geoff Morris WALL-TO-WALL BLUEGRASS Monday nights from eight Friday evenings from six E. D. T.

Larry Robinson/ Bluegrass Now:  On picking Stobro's Blues as one of his top 5 CD's of the year:  "Ferrell Stowe is a wonderful musician who can be heard on the latest recordings of Cedar Hill and Williams and Clark Expedition. Stowe doesn't copy anybody else's styles on the resonator guitar. He is his own man! I liked the title cut of this CD so much that I adopted it as the theme for my radio show. Good slidin' "!

Larry Mullin/ Bluegrass Now:  "  Stobro's Blues is excellent from start to finish. The distinct sound of each song leads you to think you're listening  to a radio program rather than a single CD. The diversity of the recording is due in part to the assistance provided by eighteen guest artists, but it is Stowe's impeccable playing that provides cohesion for the project. The song selection, innovative arrangements, and captivating performances combine to make this a stellar recording".

    "Of the three vocals on the recording, " Next Door In Heaven" features the powerful voice of Toni Otts in an amazing bluesy performance and Randy Kohrs provides captivating vocals on Kitty well's 1956 hit, " Making Believe." Five of the seven instrumentals are ensembles , featuring some of the best talent in Bluegrass. "Mary Did You Know" and "Precious Memories" are personal favorites, but all are excellent. "I Must Tell Jesus" features the resophonic guitar in the hands of a true master and Stowe provides a wonderful version of "Jewels", performed on an Oahu ( a 1920's pre-resonator Hawaiian guitar). Both tunes are breathtakingly beautiful".

   " Stobro's Blues an important recording for students of the resophonic guitar as Ferrell Stowe is an innovative stylist and for the rest of us, it is great music performed by a great collection of talented musicians. Don't miss this one".


Bill Wagoner/Bluegrass Unlimited:"Handled by an expert, it (the resonator guitar) can sing almost on par with the human voice. Ferrell Stowe is such an expert."

" Few players, if any, draw more tone from a resonator guitar."

"What cements his master status with me, however, are his two solo pieces. On 'I Must Tell Jesus", his open tuning allows some lovely, harmonium-like drone passages, and he breaks the melody into rippling , hypnotic figures. "Jewels", with Stowe back on Oahu guitar, is equally entrancing and a wonderful ending to an engaging album".


Derek Halsey- Gritz Magazine-- On picking  Stobro' Blues to be # 17 on his top twenty picks of  the best of 2005. Stobro's Blues is a combination of bluegrass with blues inflections".

" Another reason why this is a cool CD is that it is self-produced, free from the constraints and meddling of a large record company. Now, as we all know, these days everybody and their brother are putting CD’s out on their own. But this one rises above all of that and is very good".

"The first sounds you hear on the record is Ferrell cranking up a solo blues lick before the mandolin joins him to begin the title cut, an original Stowe instrumental. In fact, seven out of the ten cuts on here are instrumentals including the beautiful “Mary, Did You Know,” the swinging “Carroll County Blues,” and a couple of classic takes on “Wayfaring Stranger” and “Precious Memories.” There are three vocal cuts on here with Randy Kohrs singing “Making Believe,” Lowell Appling and Kevin Schults singing “Two Coats,” and Toni Otts singing another Stowe original, “Next Door In Heaven.” A couple of real treats on the album are two solo performances by Ferrell; “I Must Tell Jesus,” performed on Dobro, and “Jewels,” performed on his antique Oahu guitar."

Joe Ross/ Staff  Writer for Bluegrass Now:"In his liner notes, Randy Kohrs acknowledges that Stowe was a mentor from the first time he heard him, and Kohrs was "consumed with his brilliance and uniqueness.” Originally from Lebanon, Missouri, Stobro now makes his home in Nashville. He’s performed with many great bluegrass acts, done a great deal of session work, has five albums out, and is a multiple award winner from SPBGMA.  One of Ferrell Stowe’s five albums is called “Homage” and is a tribute to Uncle Josh Graves, one of his own mentors. Graves was in the audience at the Station Inn in Nashville on 12/6/05 when this CD was released".

" Stowe’s poignant playing will no doubt inspire another generation of resonator guitarists. His bluesy and expressive techniques are definitely worth checking out, if you haven’t already done so".

"It can also be a bit tricky to properly mix and equalize the sound of the resophonic guitar. Stobro’s album does a commendable job of capturing the highs and lows of the instrument to give it a full-bodied richness, intensity and flavor."  

Les McIntyre -Bluegrass Unlimited - "Ferrell Stowe is a prolific master of the resonator guitar with several recording projects to his credit."

Tom Uhr - singer/songwriter - Shady Grove Ramblers -  "."His timing is so good you could set a Rolex by it.  He uses the dobro as an outlet to express his inner feelings to others

Gary Gordon - - "When he (Ferrell) stepped up to the mike for solos, there was an indelible mark of a professional.  Ferrell is the master of soulful dobro."

Larry Robinson / Bluegrass Now Magazine:  "There is something for everyone  on Homage. One of the best resophonic recordings that I have heard in a long time. Highly recommended!"


KCBL Radio

Backroads Bluegrass

Al Shusterman

4623 T. St.

Sacramento, CA 95819

Stobro’s Blues

After playing this project through 4x I decided to take a break and let you know how much I loved your latest project. You really know how to say much more (musically) with way less!! Just listening to this project took me back many years when this when this type of playing was the norm. This project really grows on you. The more you hear it, the more you want to hear it again to find out what you missed the last time. Throw out all those “new age meditation tapes” because this project does the job better then those high priced projects. Close your eyes & you are treated to almost 35 minutes of superb relaxing music. I really enjoyed the song selection; pairing original songs with traditional material. Kudos to Toni Otts. You couldn’t have picked a better singer for “Next Door in Heaven”. Her singing was heavenly….I have got to stop writing & crank up “Stobro’s Blues” again. I may wear this cd out!!

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