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1/13/17 GOBS Show, Ozark, MO
3/4/17  Convoy of Hope, Ozark, Mo
5/26/27/17 Silver Dollar City
6/16/17/18/17 Wenatchee, WA
6/18/17 Prairie City OR also TBA
6/19/17 Chehalis, WA
6/20/17 TBA
6/20/17 TBA
6/26/27/17 Black Hills Festival
8/17/18/19/17 Harrison,  AR
9/14-16 Starvy Creek, Conway, Mo
About Ferrell
What an amazing time I had at ResoGat, 2016 in Wilksboro, NC! Such a wonderful time meeting and getting to make music with some of the greatest! On July 8th, 2016 they chose to honor my "lifelong pursuit of perfection on the Dobro guitar"and honored I was! They also read an extremely nice letter from Jerry Douglas that he had written to me. I want to thank everyone for making this one of the very highest point along my musical journey. A heartfelt thank you!

Sorry for the delay, but I see where some folks are inquiring about the tuning on Stobro's Blues. It is a C+9 tuning, not to be confused with a steel players C9 tuning. The strings are as follows, starting with the smallest string. D C G C G C. The top or largest string is a very low C, which takes a bit of a different attack. Hope this is helpful. Lee Schrader's photo.
I am so proud to announce the New Ferrell Stowe Signature Resonator Strings available from Black Diamond. My gauges are .017 .019 .028 .036 .044 .056 in phosphor bronze. I am now an authorized dealer for my signature set. So proud to represent such a fine company as Black Diamond. They have an ulta modern facility in Sarasota, FL and have come ions forward since the days when you could only find them in drugstores!!(

Letter From Tut (2/28/10):
I'm sitting here at my computer listening to you guys playing my tune. I'm so impressed I thoughtI would tell you again how this makes me feel. Your attack and interpretation is awesome. Still can't believe it. Any idea when it will be released? Thanks again my friend. You've brought joy to and old man's heart.Tutbro Tut Taylor ( this note of appreciation from Tut regarding the tribute cd, produced by Jerry Douglas, featuring Jerry, me and 12 other resonator players.)

I would like to proudly announce my endorsement of Martin G. Custom Straps from Germany. Martin's workmanship is world class and my strap features my new "concealed carry" capo holder, about half way down the strap toward the headstock. This capo pocket allows you to have the capo ready at all times and is neatly tucked in behind the strap. Very proud to represent Martin G.!!!!!
Check out the "Photo" page and see some of my favorite pickers. What an honor to spend a few hours with Vince, Earl, Carl !! Just does not get any better than to have the opportunity to pick Pike County Breakdown with the legend who wrote it.

Received an extremely nice letter from Ann Marie Dopyera West, daughter of John Dopyera. Very informative letter, lot's of information about her parents, where John was born, etc. Very special to me, to say the least. Such an honor for me! I had the extreme honor and pleasure of getting to meet Ann personally at a house concert in Chehalis, Washington. Ann, along with my friends Danny Allison and Trapper Wyatt paid me a vist that evening. It was such a pleasure to sit down with Ann and visit with her about her family, the Dopyera's and some of the history of the Dobro.

My new CD" A Personal Tribute to Josh" is now available. Please check it out by going to the "Discography" link. This cd, as well as all of my cds, can be ordered directly from me at

My debt to Josh Graves is immeasurable. As a shy, introverted teenager, I would get up by 5:45 in the morning just to listen to Martha White Show over WSM. Joshs' music so captivated me, I named my only son Josh in his honor. I would work hours on end to try and do the same licks he was doin' and get that famous tone he had goin' on. That music gave me purpose and a sense of accomplishment and confidence that I had been lacking. There are only two dates in history that I can tell you where I was when the events happened. One was 9/11 and the other was hearing over the radio that Flatt and Scruggs had broken up. I realize that breakup pales in comparison to that tragic day in New York, but it sure did stick in my memory. Though I try to do my own style, I can never get away from the influence that Josh had upon me. It's still there and it's something I'm very proud of. No one will ever duplicate the soul and tone Josh had, but his influence on me hopefully shows up in the bluesy, close to the melody," less is more" approach to the resonator that I try to convey.

To me, seeing how many musical notes per measure you can slam in, is akin to an auctioneer preaching a sermon. You hear all the words, yet they have no emotion or meaning. I have enough years on me to remember when the banjo went through the melodic stage and runnin' scales on the mandolin was the "in" thing to do. I have also watched the banjo return to Scruggs being cool and Monroe style mandolin being hip again. Not to say that they weren't always cool and hip, just that the emphasis seemed to have shifted away from their styles, then shift back. I only hope that I am around when the resonator guitar makes that inevitable full circle.

To purchase any of my 4 available cd's,(JOSH, Stobro's Blues, Trnava, Journey (all gospel) e-mail me at

I endorse the Ferrell Stowe Signature set of Black Diamond Strings, Bradley Bars and Capos, MartinG Custom Straps, Armor Guitar Co, custom builder of my HW Slide Guitar. Their contribution to any success I have or will have is so appreciated.

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Ferrell's latest recording project from Stringhouse Studios in Hendersonville, TN is now available!

See the review in the May "BU"


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