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Ferrell Stowe "JOSH" Ferrell Stowe "JOSH" (2011)     Purchase
This CD is now available for sale by e mailing I recorded this cd to show the infinite influence that Uncle Josh Graves had and continues to have on my musical journey. The cd includes 12 songs that I've heard Josh play. In no way was this an attempt to play the same notes Josh played in certain spots or to replicate his unique, unwound 3rd string tone. I did use many of Josh' phrases and notes, but sometimes in a different spot than he did. All resonator guitars used were all vintage, pre-war Dobros. Features some contibutions from some great musicians, including Johnny Warren. Johnny is Paul Warren's (Flatt and Scruggs) son and actually plays Paul's fiddle on the project.

Ferrell Stowe - Trnava Ferrell Stowe - Trnava (2008)     Purchase
Trnava: Named for the Trnava region of Slovak Republic, the region from which John Dopyera, inventor of the Dobro comes from. Features 8 original songs and tunes, with great vocals by Carl Jackson and Toni O. Features some of Nashville's best accoustic players. Features 3 different Harlow Resonator guitars.
1. Keokuk
2. Trnava
3. Don't This Road Look Rough and Rocky
4. #14 Spider Blues
5. Death From Nashville Causes
6. Return To Trnava
7. Pathway of Teardrops
8. Barren Plains
9. Life's Highway
10. Banks of the Ohio
11. Barney Got a Badge
12. The Lonely Drive

Stobro's Blues Stobro's Blues (2005)     Purchase
Ferrell's latest project, full of soul, blues, and just plain ol' great music. Great vocal work by Randy Kohrs and Toni Otts. Alternative tunings and Oahu Guitar add to the very fresh, original sounds on this project. Featured on XM Satellite Radio and soon to be on Sirrius. Email Ferrell at to purchase.
1. Stobro's Blues
2. Two Coats
3. Mary Did You Know
4. I Must Tell Jesus
5. Making Believe
6. Carroll County Blues
7. Next Door In Heaven
8. Precious Memories
9. Wayfaring Stranger
10. Jewels

Journey Journey (2001)     Purchase
In stock. Ten resonator gospel intrumentals. Very familiar song titles, most taken right from a church hymnal.
1. God leads Us Along
2. Unclouded Day
3. Amazing Grace
4. Just A Closer Walk With Thee
5. Zion's Hill
6. Workin' On A Building
7. Near The Cross
8. Were You There When They Crucified My Lord
9. Rosewood Casket
10. When They Ring The Goldens Bells

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